Adult Mental Health Wellbeing Team


We are a small team of Social Care staff covering the Essex County Council area. We provide early help to adults who have a mental health concern, who are experiencing some form of social care difficulty which is related to their mental health or emotional wellbeing – by social care difficulty we mean for example: · Feeling able to complete activities of daily living – for example being motivated to eat or maintain your home. · Feeling Socially Active or independent from others. · Feeling you have positive and useful contact with you friends, family and wider community. · Feeling able to find, or attend work, education or other meaningful activities. · Using services in your community – for example going to a local group, or visiting the library. · Using public transport or getting out of your home without feeling anxious or stressed. We support people for up to and around 3 months – during this time we aim to help you to identify the problem, develop a plan to meet or solve the problem, and to complete that plan. Our overall aim is to help you to regain control. We will work with other support providers who you may be in contact with, although we cannot support you if you are also in contact with Secondary Mental Health Care services provided by EPUT – for example a Community Mental Health or a Specialist Mental health team. We accept self-referrals, as well as referrals on your behalf from other support services or professionals involved in providing you care and support currently.


, C328-9, County Hall, Market Road, Chelmsford, CM1 1QH



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