Basildon Asphasia Cafe


Weekly group meeting on a Wednesday 1.30pm – 3pm. Referral only as need to be assessed but they can be referred by health care professionals or self- refer. Social group for people who have communication problems as a result of their stroke. Any age is invited over 18. Group helps stroke survivors build confidence in a social situation and gives them the opportunity to use what communication they have and find other ways that may help. This group is run by 2 volunteers that work for the Stroke Association. No particular structure to the group as it is a social group and the members lead the group with whatever topic they want to discuss. There is no charge for this group from the Stroke Association but Basildon council charge people to use their centre. You have to become a member of the Centre once you attend regularly but this allows you to use the Centre for other activities they provide.


George Hurd Centre - Cafe, Audley Way, Basildon, SS14 2FL


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Michelle Turner