Greenfields Supported Garden Maintenance


The ‘Supported Garden Maintenance’ service is designed to help those customers who are unable to undertake the work themselves. It is a very basic, free service that will offer grass cutting and 1 hedge cut throughout the year. In order to be eligible, the customers must: Have any condition that limits their ability to maintain their garden, accompanied by supporting evidence from a professional party (e.g. doctor’s note, benefit payment, social services involvement etc.). Have no support from any source that would be able to maintain the garden on the customer’s behalf. A Greenfields Community Housing tenant. In order to be added to the service, a member of staff will complete a home visit and a full assessment of the customer’s needs to ensure that they meet the above criteria and identify any potential additional support requirements.


Greenfields House, Greenfields Community Housing, Charter Way, Braintree, CM77 8FG



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