One to One Empowerment support for girls at risk


GEI supports girls going through unique challenges of harmful cultural and religious practices, beliefs and attitudes like Female Genital Mutilation, Honour Based Violence teenage pregnancies, early sexual activities, child sexual abuse, child sexual exploitation, social media addiction and misuse, behavioural challenges, dropping out of school and other challenges to access one to one support. This programme offers finding the strength in our self to transform our scars into the gifts of life -GEI works in partnership with local authorities and other organisations to put the voice of the girl child at the centre of assessments and interventions. Our empowerment journal work with girls transforms them from victims to leaders by helping girls to set life goals and working to achieve them. -Our girl child empowerment community experts offer one to one empowerment support for girls in their homes or schools. -GEI offers a variety of counselling services. We provide with a place of safe space and confidentiality; to step out of a life, release the pain, listen to the self and find a support and different perspective. -In addition to referring girls for services we will create an official data base for all services for girls and identify girls those where we need agencies to team up monthly for case reviews especially those whose lives are threatened. -This programme gives voice to those who were told that they would never be listened. This becomes a pair of shoes that walks a path of victory. This victory is a leadership; the leadership of self; therefore, the leadership for the others.


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