PARC aims to provide play and recreation facilities for children and young people with disabilities in Essex and short breaks for their families and carers. PARC believes that every child has a right to play, and children with disabilities need play opportunities which allow for individuality and ability whilst ensuring safety, freedom and choice. Families are supported to overcome difficulties in their lives. We are Ofsted registered to have up to 24 children in any session and have the Investors in People accreditation. PARC Objectives: *To provide a wide range of opportunities for children of varying abilities. *To involve children in the planning/development of activities. *To support children in accessing opportunities that mainstream children take for granted. *To encourage children to be healthy, active and take part in physical exercise. *To support children in practicing and developing social skills. *To increase children's self-confidence and make them feel valued. *To give parents the opportunity to meet others in a similar situation in order to develop their own network of support. *To provide parents with information and access to training that will empower them to meet the needs of their children. *To give parents' valuable short break and "me" time, allowing them time for themselves and/or siblings. *To maximise opportunities for joint working with other initiatives and local partnerships. PARC offers services that cover a wide range of activities with children of every age and ability, including pre-school services, after school activities clubs, youth clubs, sports clubs and weekend and holiday short breaks. We also offer Sunday morning "stay and play". Above all PARC is a place where disabled Children can develop, learn and have fun, in a safe and friendly environment that caters for their special needs.


Great Notley Country Park, Braintree, CM77 7FS



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