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The aim of our supported housing is to provide specialised accommodation to give a safe and stable environment for recovery. Once here, our team of expert staff help build confidence and develop life skills for independent living. Nelson’s Gate is a gated community offering supported accommodation for those living with mental health issues. It comprises of one and two bed flats each with their own kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and Wi-Fi. Every flat has access to the green space on site. This project has been developed to support those working towards independent living and promotes autonomy and empowerment through a person-centred two year stay. We work one-to-one with tenants to help manage their mental health and reach their own personal goals within their recovery. We appreciate that this process takes time and clients can also access our other support services, such as counselling and peer support to aid them during their stay. When ready for independence, clients are supported to move on to independent living and are supported in setting up their new home. We then work with them for up to 8 weeks after leaving to ensure a smooth and steady transition. We also have our houses in the community which offer a lower level of support for those closer to being able to live independently. Our houses are run and populated by residents experiencing mental health problems and they are encouraged to take ownership for maintaining the home. Support staff are nearby to help residents with their support plans and goals and any work that is difficult to conduct, such as gardening. Residents take part in monthly meetings and may be in paid or voluntary work, in education or training. Whatever your goals, our support staff are there to help you work towards recovery and independence.


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