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We host work party activities which volunteers can get involved with. These are great ways to exercise and meet new people. Attending a work party can burn more calories than going to an aerobics class and is much less intimidating for people who do not like going to a gym or leisure centre. Spending time is nature has also been shown to be excellent for mental health, 95% of attendees with low wellbeing to Wildlife Trust work party activities reported an improvement in 6 weeks when attending weekly sessions. https://www.wildlifetrusts.org/nature-health-and-wild-wellbeing We have work parties on most days of the week at various locations, activities include fencing, cutting back scrub, removing invasive species, litter picking, counting rare flowers, maintaining paths, coppicing and much more. All our activities are practical and are focused on improving the natural environment for wildlife.


Langdon Visitor Centre, Lower Dunton Road, Basildon, SS16 6EB



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